A new perspective on equipment: How investing in upgrades today is helping operators prepare for tomorrow.

With growing competition and a constant struggle for market share, today’s food service operators face more pressures than ever before. You are surrounded by evolving — and sometimes conflicting — corporate initiatives and customer demands, requiring everything from menu expansion and decreased store footprints to more transparency, higher staff wages and much more.

As you evaluate your list of desired upgrades and needed store repairs, it’s often easy to look at cooking equipment as just another expense. However, it’s important to realize that the equipment you choose for your kitchen does much more than simply cook food. The right equipment can make your facility’s system stronger as a whole — providing greater flexibility, maximizing smaller kitchen space, streamlining workflow and even building in cost and labor savings.

Two particular product categories worth considering are combi ovens and fryers:

Combi Ovens

Popular in European kitchens, combi ovens aren’t as widely embraced in U.S. facilities — perhaps due to lack of awareness. But the benefits they provide are invaluable to high-volume operations and low-traffic businesses alike.

  • Healthier foods: Consumers are demanding healthier options while still expecting the usual menu items. Finding the right balance may seem difficult, but combi ovens can help operators enhance any menu, as these ovens can roast and steam proteins and vegetables while also baking desserts and other hearty side dishes.
  • Smaller footprints: Cooking with a combi oven eliminates the need for convection ovens and steamers, clearing valuable floor space. And for even the tightest kitchens, more compact options like the Henny Penny FlexFusion Space$aver combi oven can fulfill a variety of cooking needs.
  • Flexibility: It’s hard to predict the menu trends of the future, so it’s important to have equipment that can accommodate a wide variety of foods and cooking methods. A combi oven can often handle a wide variety of current menu items, while also providing flexibility for the future.


From QSRs to fine dining and even non-commercial kitchens, fried foods are often a menu staple. However, fryers are often looked at as one in the same, despite the many differences in volume, specialty and innovative features.

  • Flexibility/Space Savings: Some menu items are better suited to pressure frying—a method that locks in flavor and moisture—while others are meant for open frying. However, when space is at a premium, a pressure fryer can double as an open fryer to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Volume: Some fryers are designed especially for high-volume kitchens and can help increase throughput while reducing oil costs. However, if you select a high-volume model that you don’t truly need, you might actually be wasting oil and energy.
  • Cost-savings: With Henny Penny’s next-generation Evolution Elite open fryer, operators can realize the cost- and labor-saving potential of Smart Touch Filtration™, the latest advance in built-in, push-button filtration from Henny Penny. With a suite of oil-conserving features, the Evolution Elite allows for 40% less oil in the frying vat — savings that goes straight to the bottom line.

Equipment as an Investment

With careful purchasing choices and knowledgeable industry partners like Henny Penny on your side, it’s easy to make equipment a net positive for your operation. Keeping in mind how each piece functions as part of a larger system, you can create an efficient combination of equipment that maximizes space, saves time and labor, and builds a foundation for growth and expansion for years to come.

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Oil’s Sweet Spot: How to get there and why it’s the key to great flavor

oil-BRLike many in the world of food-service, you may assume that cooking oil performance is at its peak when you first start using it — but did you know there is actually a “sweet spot” closer to the middle of oil life?

It’s in this period of time that food taste is at its best. While customers may not know oil is to blame, they do notice when food tastes under-cooked or burnt — despite your operation’s consistency with cooking temperature and timing.

The good news for operators is that, with the right tools and processes, it’s relatively easy to extend this sweet spot, resulting in prolonged oil life that delivers consistently better food quality while significantly lowering oil costs.

Understanding the enemies of oil

The sweet spot itself is somewhat of a moving target. Rather than being defined as a specific number of hours or days, it all depends on how well you counteract some of the most common enemies of oil life and performance.

Enemy #1: Heat

Frying may be a high-temperature process by definition, but as you cook, your oil is gradually breaking down. While quickly raising the temperature of new oil with constant heat can speed up breakdown, a less shocking approach can protect oil more effectively while it reaches cooking temperature. The “melt mode” feature on Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite open fryer achieves this with pulsing heat, while the “idle mode” feature protects the oil from excessively high heat by dropping the temperature during cooking breaks.

Enemy #2: Air

Simply exposing oil to the air is enough to break it down. Even at room temperature, oxidation begins to take place. That’s why Henny Penny recommends using vat covers between cooking cycles to help reduce breakdown. But oxidation actually occurs at an even faster rate when oil is exposed to high temperatures — another reason to keep tabs on Enemy #1, excessive heat. Remember — even if your oil looks and smells okay, it could still be breaking down from exposure to air while not in use.

Enemy #3: Moisture

Whether it’s carried by frozen and marinated foods or shaken loose from packaging while loading the fryer, it’s easy for water to find its way into your oil — causing a more rapid breakdown. Consider loading fryer baskets away from the vat to minimize the amount of moisture introduced into the oil.

Enemy #4: Foreign Substances

Though not as commonly linked to oil breakdown, foreign substances like seasonings, cleaners and soaps can also damage oil quality, so always be sure to salt fries away from the fryer and make sure equipment is thoroughly rinsed after cleaning.

Maintaining Oil Quality

Now that we’ve identified the main culprits behind oil breakdown, it’s time to focus on the best way to prolong oil life — namely, maintaining proper oil quality.

Tip #1: Frequent Filtration

It’s hard to overstate the importance of frequent filtration — and not just to remove large, visible chunks of food debris. Even down at the microscopic level, leftover food particles can react with oil and break it down. That’s why Henny Penny’s next-generation Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration™ features built-in, 4-minute filtration and push-button operation — making it fast and easy to filter even during peak hours.

Tip #2: Oil Top-Off

Oil top-off is also critical, ensuring your fryer is operating at the proper oil level while infusing fresh oil into the cooking mix. This continuous mixing also allows the oil to be “broken in” much faster than with complete refills, further extending the coveted sweet spot. With Oil Guardian™ automatic oil top-off, the Evolution Elite helps high-volume operators maintain the right balance and get the most out of their oil.

Tip #3: A Well-Trained Staff

Even with a lineup of powerful, innovative features at your disposal, it’s important to make sure your kitchen staff understands the proper procedures for monitoring and controlling oil performance. A knowledgeable team is one of the best ways to ensure your cooking oil is properly used and maintained. And with the Evolution Elite’s iControl™ oil management system, it’s easy for operators to track proper filtrations and help keep staff on top of necessary actions.

Knowing When You’ve Hit the Oil Sweet Spot

You’re likely wondering what measurement to look for to know if you’re cooking in the sweet spot and if you’re successful in extending it.

From sight/smell observations to test strips and more scientific methods, there are various options for measuring oil quality, each with its own set of pros and cons due to reliability, consistency and the ability to operationalize.

Your choice of measurement will guide you in the oil quality results to look for, but what’s most important in hitting and prolonging the sweet spot is properly maintaining your oil through frequent filtration and consistent oil top off. At the end of the day, if you take care of your oil, you are virtually guaranteed to produce better-tasting food.

And with Henny Penny’s next-generation Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration™, the innovative oil management features that operators need come standard and virtually run themselves—making consistently better food quality and thousands of dollars in annual oil savings fast and easy to achieve.

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Six Figures. One Step. How saving oil can have a major impact on profits

You need to stay profitable. But there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do so—with rising food costs, higher wages and evolving trends and demands, virtually any move you make can have an unintended consequence.

If you decide to decrease labor, for example, it would have a negative impact on the quality of service you provide to their customers. If you increase prices to stay even with the market, it could scare customers away — as discretionary income levels haven’t kept pace with the cost of activities like eating out.

The steps left for operators to take include those that will optimize their facility, equipment and processes. One particularly easy-to-control cost is frying oil. After food, it’s likely that oil ranks near the top of most operators’ lists of costs surrounding their frying operations.

Practicing proper oil management is a great start to realizing oil-related savings, but the biggest savings comes with reduced oil volume fryers like Henny Penny’s next-generation Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration™, which uses 40% less oil in the frying vat.

For the average operation, that’s about $5,000 in annual oil costs saved. If your profit margin is 5%, that $5,000 savings has the same profit impact as increasing sales by $100,000, without the extra work!

Many operators may feel uncomfortable making a capital investment for such equipment, but it’s important to consider the ROI. For many establishments, the Evolution Elite will pay for itself in less than three years, then continue to deliver savings every year for the life of the fryer.

Featured image

By investing in smart, oil-saving technology like the Evolution Elite with Smart Touch Filtration today, operators can realize greater profits for years to come — and it all starts with a few drops of oil.

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Top Ten Reasons To Pressure Fry

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer

10. Pressure frying seals in food’s natural juices.

Frying under pressure is the only frying process that seals in food’s natural juices, keeping

product naturally moist and flavorful.

9. Pressure fried food is less greasy.

Since less moisture escapes from food, less shortening
is absorbed in its place.

8. Pressure frying is faster and uses less energy.

Cooking under pressure improves the transfer of heat
from frying medium to food. This means less energy is
required to keep shortening hot, and product gets done

7. Pressure frying reduces flavor transfer.

With shortening sealed out and natural juices, nutrients,
and flavors sealed in, there is much less transfer of flavors and odors from product to product.

6. Pressure frying is more productive.

Henny Penny pressure fryers take less time and less room to cook the same amount of food, giving you higher production per square foot than conventional fryers.

5. Pressure frying is cleaner.

Pressure frying captures most oil-laden steam and exhausts it directly to the hood above, reducing greasy film and odors that can build up in the surrounding areas.

4. Pressure frying uses less shortening.

Shortening lasts longer for two reasons: Lower cooking temperatures slow the shortening breakdown process and less shortening is absorbed into food.

3. Pressure frying results in less food shrinkage.

By retaining moisture and juices, food shrinks less when pressure fried. Your customers get more of a tender, tastier product for their money—and so do you!

2. Pressure frying means more menu items.

Pressure frying is one of the most versatile cooking methods available, giving you dozens of options for meat, poultry, seafood, veggies… even pastries and ice cream!

1. Pressure frying produces consistently great taste.

Today’s technologically advanced pressure fryers can cook food quickly and thoroughly with consistent flavor and appearance, load after load.

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Why Pressure Fry?

Pressure Fried FoodsAre you a restaurant owner or retail operator looking to add juicy, golden fried chicken or other delicious fried foods to your menu and you don’t have a fryer? Before you jump right in and make an investment in any old regular, open fryer, consider the benefits of pressure frying first and understand how this method of frying has always been – and continues to be – the world’s best tasting and most profitable way to produce fried chicken. 

What is Pressure Frying?

So what is pressure frying? Well, simply put, pressure frying is similar to conventional open, deep fat frying except that after the food has been placed into hot oil, a lid is lowered over the frypot and is securely sealed to create an airtight, controlled pressurized cooking environment. As the food heats up, surface moisture is quickly vaporized into steam, building pressure in the frypot. Once the pressure builds, a pressure barrier is formed around the food which prevents further moisture from being released. Pressure also increases turbulence to promote an even cooking process.

By creating a pressure barrier around the food, pressure frying seals in the food’s natural juices, nutrients and flavors and seals out excess oil, making the product more tender, flavorful and healthier. Because the oil is not absorbed into the food like open frying, you are using less oil – the most expensive component in a frying operation.

Pressure frying takes less time than conventional deep fat frying, allowing you to serve more orders in less time. The controlled pressurized cooking environment promotes turbulence that allows for a more even cooking process at lower temperatures. Shorter cook times translate into higher throughput. Cooking at lower temperatures saves energy. Another benefit of frying at lower temperatures, you are extending the life of the shortening because the higher temperatures are not breaking it down.

The bottom line is frying in a pressure fryer saves you time, energy and shortening all while producing a high quality, juicy, healthier food product for your customers.

Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny Pressure FryersHenny Penny knows pressure fryers: we helped revolutionize the industry by innovating commercial pressure fryers for businesses more than 55 years ago. We continue that legacy today by offering pressure fryers that help seal in flavor and improve our customer’s operations. With space-saving footprints, fast and easy built-in filtration, and industry-leading safety features, Henny Penny pressure fryers play key roles in leading QSR chains’ success, helping them create consistent taste and quality in thousands of locations around the globe every day.


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Refrigerated Open Merchandisers

Refrigerated Open Merchandiser

Refrigerated Open Merchandiser

Merchandise red meats, dairy products and deli items in a refrigerated open merchandiser to increase impulse sales in high traffic areas. Refrigerated open merchandisers offer attractive product merchandising which enables consumers to view and purchase refrigerated goods without looking through restrictive doors.

Refrigerated open merchandisers are available with self contained or remote refrigeration packages and have many length and height combinations to choose from. Want to accessorize? No problem! There are many accessories and options available from different style end panels, to LED lighted shelves and even color selections! The sky is the limit!

Price-Davis has a wide variety of refrigerated open merchandisers to fit your application and budget. Visit our online store at shop.PriceDavisInc.com or call us at 1-800-456-1014 for more information.